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Give Your Bathroom a Makeover

Retiling Retiling

Refurbish your traditional bathroom and you'll be amazed to see the end results. Top Finish Homes helps you to transform your old bathroom into the best chic room in your home. Let our expert team give your bathroom a facelift and provide a modern feel to your space with the best retiling solutions that is light on your pocket

Why Retiling?

Retiling is the most cost-effective and appropriate option for people who don't require complete renovation, but are in immediate need to rejuvenate the look of their bathroom.

Our team of professional tilers are trained to handle every facet of the retiling process, which includes

  • Removing existing tiles
  • Preparing walls and floors for tiling
  • Screening your floor base to support good drainage
  • Laying the final tiles

A retiling project takes 4 days on an average for completion.

You can be rest assured that your entire project is in expert hands of a company with more than 15 years of experience.

We use the latest techniques and high quality materials to ensure your bathroom is completely waterproof and you don't have any leaky showers, which is a common issue faced by many in this day and age.

We Undertake Projects of All Types and Sizes

Along with small retiling projects, our expert team creates customised and reasonable retiling solutions for outsized areas and projects with distinctive specification requests.

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Top Finish Homes specialises in all types of retiling solutions for residential and commercial projects throughout Melbourne. Our commitment to quality workmanship and attention to detail has earned us an affluent reputation in the industry. Work with us for guaranteed great results and attentive customer service, all offered at a competitive price.

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